Rare Antique French 78-card complete tarot deck with box

Made by B.P. Grimaud 54 Rue de Lancry 54 Paris.

The 21 trump cards are designed with chromolithographic images of everyday French life.

The face cards also have chromographic portraits of the king, queen, cavalier, and jack.

A similar set is housed in the British Museum collection.

Cards are approx 11cm x 6cm

The box is complete and in good condition.

The French Tarot Nouveau or Bourgeois Tarot deck is a pattern of tarot cards. As such it differs from those tarot decks used in fortune-telling, such as the Tarot of Marseilles and Rider-Waite decks, in that the Tarot Nouveau is designed solely for playing the various tarot card games for which the 78-card tarot deck was originally devised, such as the game of French Tarot.

This deck is most found in France, Wallonia, Romandy, Québec, and Denmark.

TAROT NOUVEAU - antique french card game